Which is Better Theme Based Website Or Custom Built Website

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When a company wants to establish a new website or remodel a current one, it can choose between a custom design and a theme-based design. If you're unsure what to choose and what the difference between these two is, this post has all the answers

In the present age, every business's growth is largely reliant on its website design. A web portal not only generates business but also works as a company representative. It informs your target consumers about your brand, products, and the services you offer. You never have a second chance to create a first impression. As a result, it is critical to create an effective website that's just as distinct as a brand.

You have two options for creating a decent website for your company or corporation. The first type is a theme-based design, while the second type is a custom build. Most companies are unsure whether they should use a pre-made theme or create one from the ground up. Here's our view on the custom vs. theme-based website, which will help you determine the differences of both ways so you can make an informed decision for your business.

What are Custom-Built Websites?

Depending on the requirements of a company, the designers and programmers creates the functionality on their own. Companies incorporate different characteristics in their website, since they are developed from the ground up. Meanwhile, it is frequently necessary to collaborate with professionals who have substantial expertise and abilities in this attempt.

What is a Theme-Based Website?

Businesses also gain benefits from website builder tools such as Wix and Squarespace, which give pre-built templates that can quickly customized to align with your brand. There are thousands of themes to choose from. Some templates are free, while some are premium. Ultimately, theme-based websites are perfect for customers that want to create their website as quickly and efficiently as possible, and don't require or have the capital to invest in customized content.

Difference Between a Custom Website Design and Theme-Based Website:

To build a website from beginning, professional web developers uses WordPress, Shopify, and or other different content management systems (CMS) platforms. To build a customized web design, various CMSs are adjusted to meet the unique demands of the business in terms of style, content, and functionality.

Theme-based websites, on the other hand, make use of ready-made templates. All that left for the programmers & designers is to make a few minor changes to the website, that reflect the company's brand. Now with ongoing technological evolution, changing the style and functionality of the website is much simpler than we believe. Templates are already widely accessible for use.

Each of these approaches provide a website that tailors on different devices and platforms, as well as regularly updated with new material. Companies can alter their webpages and themes using CMS technologies without any professional assistance.

So which is better? Custom, or theme-based?

Based on several variables, they all lead to a website that fits your demands & requirements. It all relies on the criteria outlined to the professionals, which eventually help you decide what's right for your company.

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