8 Expert Tips to Drive-In More Organic Traffic to Your Online Store

drive in more organic traffic

Organic traffic is the finest type of traffic for any online store. Organic traffic is not only some of the most easily accessible internet search traffic (as per reports, Google performs an estimated 3.5 billion queries every day), but it also offers more traffic, quality leads, and purchase-ready buyers.

Why do you need to get Organic Traffic for your Online Store?

Today, search engine optimization (SEO) keeps on evolving every minute. Fortunately, relying on organic traffic allows you to stick to tried-and-trusted SEO tactics without having to pay for commercials or keep up with trends.

Are you familiar with the term "organic traffic"? Organic traffic is any traffic where you do not have to pay for it. When someone on Google searches 'online consignment store' and if your business shows up, it is an organic visit to your site! But how can you get that organic traffic to your store? Discovering what your consumers want and implementing methods that connect you with them is key to achieving beneficial results. Here's a quick reference guide.

  • Quality Content
  • Plausible Keywords
  • Consistent Posting of Blogs
  • Optimize Site Structure
  • Improve Page Loading Speed
  • More Giveaways
  • Choose Email Marketing
  • Engage Influencers
  • 1. Quality Content:

    As search engines like Google are more content-focused, it has become increasingly crucial for those who operate websites and online retailers to provide high-quality content material.

    While this does not need you to be a professional writer, it does require you to take care and ensure that the information you provide is of high-quality and relevant at times. These include anything from checking for every minor grammatical error & plagiarism to making sure you're not repeating any offers or posts and that your Instagram & Facebook postings are engaging.

    2. Plausible Keywords:

    When it comes to ranking keywords, most online store owners make one mistake: they believe they should rank for long phrases, but they don't understand that keywords are very competitive and tough to rank.

    Instead of going through this, go for the low-hanging keywords. These involve aiming for low-competition keywords that may not have much search traffic but are more popular as they have quality leads towards your online shop store. The specificity of keywords is an essential part of grabbing traffic.

    3. Consistent Posting of Blogs:

    When you publish a blog, you provide Google with a page of fresh content to index your website. As a result, regular blogging becomes one of the most effective strategies to drive more organic traffic to your online website. Even if you don't have the time or resources to update every day, a single blog post each week should be enough to drive more visitors to your online business.

    4. Optimize Site Structure:

    Another important strategy you can adopt is customizing the design & functionality of your website. A well-designed website is simple for people to explore. Simultaneously, it supports the improvement of your SEO. So, it becomes easier for visitors and search engine crawlers to get direct access to the sites they are hunting.

    5. Improve Page Loading Speed:

    The fast page loading speed of a webpage is essential for SEO. Google already has made page load time one of the vital ranking factors. These explain that if your website is not quick enough, you'll need to speed it up if you would like to increase your organic rating. You can fix the loading page time by using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and Test My Site.

    6. More Giveaways:

    Visitors appreciate when pampered. If visitors sign up for your mailing list, you might give them free delivery or a discount/coupons/vouchers towards their first transaction as a reward. This action encourages people to visit your website, again and again, to shop for more.

    7. Launch Email Marketing:

    Creating an email account with a list of current and future customers is a technique to generate hand-to-hand organic traffic. Write emails to the customers by giving them information about your latest discounts, offers, or news, and direct them to visit your eCommerce website.

    Targeting the audiences is made simpler with Emails and Newsletters. Lastly, don't hesitate to communicate with your clients daily. It is not always about product marketing; you can send interesting & helpful blog posts through emails or just request feedback.

    8. Influencer Marketing:

    An influencer is somebody who seems to have a wide social presence and is a person who is often considered an expert in this field.

    Influencer Marketing is another form of social media marketing that utilizes details about product promotions from influencers that helps to generate more traffic for an online business. As per studies, in 2021, influencer marketing is valued at $13.8 billion.


    While determining how to increase traffic to your online business can be difficult, these wise strategies can be your best assistance. By attracting more organic traffic to your online shop, you make yourself free from sponsored marketing and can begin establishing an organic following that will continue forever.

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